Sunday, December 9, 2007

International Rescue Committee - The IRC

Another organization that D4A will be working with to raise funds is The IRC . IRC works in multiple countries across the world helping refugees/displaced families including Iraq and Congo where there is a lot of violence and terrified families.

While going through the site, came across their blogs about IRC helping in Jordan where they opened doors for Iraqi refugees recently. It had a sweet story by Melissawinkler of a happy moment there. In another blog, another story unveiled that is so disturbing and makes you wonder what is going on in Africa. This story is about raping of Congo women and girls which just shows how many different problems that great continent is facing. Hundreds of thousands are displaced in North Kivu due to violence particularly in the Rutshuru district and the nearby hospital is under-resourced (ofcourse!) while lot of cases are coming in with malaria, respiratory infections that could be life-threatening if not treated.

In the Invisible children case, children couldn't sleep at home in fear of terrorists abducting them and so walk miles to a city/town to sleep in the hospital and bus parks. In the Congo women's case, they too are afraid of sleeping at home and so go into the forest to sleep. IRC is responding with emergency aid and launching counseling services and training health workers on clinical care for victims or rape. It must be equally hard on the aid workers too to be in the middle of war zone and provide the counselling and medical aid.

While I can't imagine how long and how many organizations/people effort its going to take to get all these regions settled and restore peace and basic human needs, I keep wondering how many years/generations its going to take to actually heal these deep wounds on their hearts!.

Kudos to IRC for providing such awesome services everywhere there is a need.


Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Fundraiser for Drop in the Bucket

It took a little while to streamline everything and get the blog added to the Designers4Africa website. April sent some pictures from the annual fundrasier for "Drop in the Bucket" to share with everyone. "Drop in the Bucket" is another non-profit organization that D4A supports. Its an organization started by a group of friends and their mission is to provide safe drinking water to African villages. It started in Fall of 2006 (just a little over an year) and already have 6 wells done and working on their 7th one. Check out their website for more info.

Quite a few designers donated exquisite pieces for this fundraising event. Ivy and Natalie of Dixie Chicks were there. Sounds like a fun party:)

I will try to get more juicy details about the party but thought I will share some of the pictures of the jewelry. Here's one by AprilStarDavis jewelry. Beautiful Smokey Quartz roundelles handwrapped with a Labradorite pendant. Gorgeous isn't it.

This is an exquisite necklace by Kuumba Divine Jewelry. A choker of gold vines with chockful of Pearls to make any woman feel special. I love the wild look of it yet the Pearls somehow make it delicate.

This elegant beauty was donated by Me&Ro and is called "Loveheart" with a Sterling Silver heart pendat in the center and Garnets individually handwrapped and is sure to make anyone peek at it twice.

This Limited Edition necklace set is by TraceyMathew designs. Simple coral in its natural shape with a few drops handwrapped - would make a great addition to anyone's jewelry collection.

Lastly, here's a pciture of how funt he party was....