Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Note from John Travis of Dropinthebucket

When Drop in the Bucket first started their Myspace page one of the first friends that we made was Designers4Africa who had such an amazing and simple idea that it amazed us all that it hadn't been done before. Creative people create and are not always the best at marketing or selling their art so they often end up with great things that they have put time, effort, love, thought and often money into. At the end of their season they are often left with things that they wish people could see and enjoy.

Designers for Africa provides a way for creative people to put these items to use doing something positive, raising money for great causes. Drop in the Bucket was honored to be the recipients of the first auction donations from Designers for Africa, April, Kuumba and all of the designers were a joy to deal with we ended up with an amazing auction that was full of a wide variety of jewelry and even a book signed by the author. The range of prices made it possible for everyone to be able to bid on items and feel part of the event, including people working at the venue, but also helped us raise a good amount of money.

At the end of the night we had raised a lot of money and we were able to credit the Designers4Africa part of the auction with having raised sufficient funds to put a roundabout pump on the well at the Masafu Primary school in Masafu, Uganda.
Drop in the Bucket feels very fortunate to have connected with April Star Davis and all of the designers involved with Designers4Africa and looks forward to working with them in the future, it is an amazing concept and an incredible organization.

John Travis

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Musings from April and request for sponsors

John Prendergast has had a huge influence on me. John is an American human rights activist focused on bringing international attention to the genocide in
Sudan and the atrocities of the Lord's Resistance Army in Northern Uganda. Inspite of an always full schedule, he had still given me the time and encouragement in starting d4a & its my sincere hope to have d4a donate items to any fundraiser ENOUGH needs them for.

Volunteering in refugee resettlement & currenntly trying to get family members of a good friend Ida Toe (Liberia) reunited are the fuel that keeps me striving to do all I can to help orgs serving Africa.

Although I havent met or spoken with Mr . Prendergast in person, I hope to when he is lecturing next in Calif. I dont know how to thank him or tell him the huge impact his work has on me personally but will try & put words into action.

Our first d4a fundraiser in Oct 2007 helped to bring safe water to an orphanage in Uganda that serves over 1,000+ kids. I guess thats how to thank him best! I wont stop there though. There's so much to be done & thru my jewelry I sincerely hope to contribute as much as possible.

In Oct 08 I am planning (if funds come thru) to go to Uganda & meet Jolly again from Invisible Children & together we will start micro business for women in Gulu.

Im looking for sponsors to help with the cost as well as to start this program. Please contact for more information on this upcoming program or interested in sponsoring.

- April