Friday, April 25, 2008

Fundraiser details

Sorry for the long silence. We were waiting for some more details on the auction and thought we will pictures soon and so waited....:) But you know how it goes...we still don't have pictures from the auction but thought atleast we will post a thank you note for all the designers who donated for this occasion:

The auction was for an event called water for sudan & d4a donations went direct to The San Diego South Sudanese Center....the center provides services like after school tutoring & help in filling out employment applications as well as giving the community a place to gather as they are new refugees as well as children of & there is culture shock & the need for a place to keep up their customary traditions & network with others here who volunteer in helping them in their resettlement.

THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR YOUR GENEROUS DONATIONS. I will post more details as to how much was raised that day etc once we get details from the SD south Sudanese Center.

Me & ro
Bijou biju
K amato
Lily baubles
Tracey matthews
Roundtree & richardson
Wendy culpepper
Etre Designs
In the raw
Urban dencity
Ethnic rocks
Julia bristow
Shama Designs
April star davis jewelry
Penncentral west