Monday, August 11, 2008

100 pieces for Uganda

Buy a beautiful piece of jewelry and Help empower women in Uganda

Most of you know that last year I formed designers4africa, a non-profit organization and have been able along with the group of designers do some great things for non profits serving africa (see blog

Last year I met 2005 Nobel Peace Prize nominee Jolly Okot of HEALS & Invisible Children .

She was watching me make jewelry in my studio in my backyard & asked if I could teach this to her girls in Uganda...
These are young women & teenaged girls who were abducted by ( ) & cast off once they were impregnated by their
captures... I couldn't say no & Im HONORED to do anything I can for these women.

Well now comes the part of raising enough money for travel & bring supplies to teach. (next year d4a will be a fully accredited non profit but it takes up to a year to get that documentation).

So I had this idea... If I sell 100 pieces of jewelry at an average price of $50 I will have all the money needed to see not only this dream of teaching in Uganda but starting schools there in the next 5 years!

Everyone who orders off my web site & give permission, their names will be published on a special supporters page both on d4a &
asd web sites.

Here are my first five wonderful supporters! 95 to go!

Shreya gardiner
Sheela rayala
Leah Gordon
Gayleen of Bubbles Boutique
Indra Gardiner Bowers

We can help atleast a few women re-create their lives and gain financial freedom.
Please visit and order a piece today.
- April Star Davis, founder of Designers4Africa.

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