Friday, September 19, 2008

Note from April requesting help

Feb. 09 April Star Davis founder of designers4africa africa trip


First i want to thank you all there's so many wonderful people that have either joined us as designers like the world renowned ME & RO Jewelry to author Judy Bernstein THEY POURED FIRE ON US FROM THE SKY to my amazing web person Alex Mateo & Sheela who runs the blog & has done all updates on the d4a web site... then there's friends like Dep Tauny of the SD SOUTH SUDANESE COMMUNITY CENTER & Danielle of ELLE Communications who has graciously started on pr for d4a.

Ok now the details... I have been trying to get to uganda for almost two years now & Feb. 09 I will finally be in Uganda & possibly get to the Congo.

In Uganda I will be with Pastor Issac who runs a community for widows & orphans that are affected by HIV/ AIDS

I will be teaching the women jewelry & bringing back jewelry to put for sale on d4a & my jewelry web site with all
profit going back to uganda. In addition I will be teaching AIDS/HIV facts as there are women mainly that have given
up & see it as a death sentence & forgo eating (giving the food to their children) & thus can not take their medicine &
to educate the community so they will not ostracize people living with HIV.

In the meantime I started a 100 pieces to uganda to raise the funds needed to get there , buy jewelry tools & buy
other supplies while im there like mosquito nets etc...

im putting names of anyone who buys from my web site in support of this project & am happy to list the following...

shreya gardiner
katie kelley
Leah Gordon
gayleen of Bubbles Boutique
Indra Gardiner Bowers
Anna Crivici
Cherie Devivo
Katie Kelley
mimi Melgaard
greys anatomy wardrobe dept.
danielle gano elle communications
sheela rayala
fiona wolfe

The goal of this trip is to asses just how d4a can help & to get immediate funds thru jewelry sales for the women

By end of 09 we will then start official fashion related fundraising shows & events & then start sponsoring a school
with the eventual goal of building our own d4a funded schools.

There are many great orgs doing this type of work & yet there is still more need & as a designer I see a great
opportunity to get our extra supplies & use our skills collectively to help people in africa & one day branch out to
other contents.

Sincerely, April S Davis

to order
or donate for this trip

pay pal

asd po box 1531 la mesa ca 91944

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Luana said...

Hi April,

Maybe this isn't the best way to contact you, but I just found your website and I'm too excited to wait before I get in touch with you.

I am an independent silversmith ( in New Haven, CT and I would love to donate one of my sterling silver heart necklaces for your auction.

In addition, I just closed my fused glass jewelry line and I have some 60 pieces left, which I would love to donate directly to a group of women who would like them. Have anything in mind?....

If you are interested, please get in touch with me at

Thank you!